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Lvl 3 Heart of Gold, not counting Gold

Danny 3 years ago updated by drivetheory 3 years ago 20


I have a problem in Lvl 3, campaign Heart Of Gold (Gilton). When i drop gold into the Forge, the ammount stay the same. When i restart the game, the first drop of gold wil counting. But after that, the game get's a little freeze en from then the ammount of gold wil stay the same. 

That's why i can't finish this level.  

Core Information

  • OS Windows
  • Version 7
  • 64bit
    • 8Gb Ram
    • 3.2Ghz CPU
    • 1Ghz GPU
  • V2.0f9

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Thanks for the report Danny. We'll review and get back to you.

Hello drivetheory,

Just in case it's a different issue, can you post your log, and your save file please ?

Thank you = )

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Please let us know if this issue is resolved!

RE: Gold not counting and game freezing / locking up

I deleted my old save & log files i posted previously, reinstalled WFTO, and started the level over.

Problem DOES NOT exist when starting level fresh.

Problem DOES exist when loading a save game from that fresh beginning.






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Does this issue occur if you create a new save separate from the one that you already have 

... that's what i tried to articulate in my previous post.

If I start the level from the menu / campaign screen the game functions properly and the problem does not exist.

If i create a new save file, and then load that new save file the problem exists again.

Pending Customer

I cannot replicate this issue.

I have done the following:

  1. Open level
  2. Place one gold statue into the forge
  3. See gold value change
  4. Make a save 
  5. Load save
  6. Place one gold statue into the forge
  7. See gold value change

Am I missing something?

My apologies for not troubleshooting further and creating a concise reproducible list of steps to follow.

1) start new game from campaign menu tree.

2) drop in a few statue into the forge to confirm proper functionality.

3) create a new save file.

4) load your save file.

5) highlight enough gold in the dirt for your imps to dig up that your vault can not store it all, this will cause them to go directly deposit the gold into the forge.

6) make imps with all the remaining mana in your mana bar so the wait time to fill your vault is as short as possible.

7) wait for the imps to deposit gold directly into the forge themselves at least 2-3 times, if you have statues left, drop those in, then grab 4-5 full piles of gold out of your vault and manually drop it in.

At this point my game starts to freeze and lock up every time you or the imps deposit the gold, gold is no longer counted, and one time during refining the test procedure the game dropped down to 1 frame per second and NEVER recovered.

The triggering condition seems to be loading a save file, having your vault not capable of storing more gold, and the imps manually depositing gold into the forge since it will not fit in the vault.






Thanks for the replication steps. We'll take another look as soon as we have a spare moment. :)


We have confirmed this is an issue using the above steps

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Fantastic! Bug Squashed! Thanks!