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workers issue with Lamash

BlackBeard San 4 years ago updated by anonymous 4 years ago 4

Hi brightrock,

today I came across a very annoying problem ... level 2 of Under Games (with Lamash) on master difficulty.

There are some problems with the priorities of the workers ... instead of conquering tiles (neutral or not) they start to fortify the walls ... and every time I have to take them manually and throw them on an adjacent tile (again, sometimes , begin to fortify instead of conquer) ....
Probably at lower difficulty the problem is superficial, but at Master difficulty it is very annoying to have to handle this problem.

(sorry for eng)

P.S. no problem on level 1(Master)

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Hi Blackbeard,

Worker priorities are meant to heavily be in favour of tile claiming and don't change on a level-by-level basis, however they will continue a task they had already started (or have been assigned to) and provide diminishing returns over distance from the potential task. There's a lot of variables at work in worker priority so it'd be super useful to see an example of the issue.

You could also try using the Worker Rally ability to prioritize particular tasks within an area.



even by placing workers on a tile (my property) 90% of workers fortify the adjacent wall instead of conquering new tiles.
Even using the rally flag for the workers ... same problem .. they ignore the flag and continue to fortify.

As soon as I make a new test I will send you the save file.


Sometimes dropping them close to a wall can cause them to be assigned to wall-fortification which may override their usual priorities. If you hover your mouse over them you should be able to see their current assignment in the tooltip. Make sure when you test they're being dropped as close to the enemy tile as possible and not closer to the walls.

Let me know how you get on :)

Completed - Resolved