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Rampart completed in one casting of Assembly.

woudo 4 years ago updated by anonymous 4 years ago 10

Assembly states it adds 5 parts to a blueprint and a rampart requires 8 parts, yet one casting of Assembly will fully complete a rampart.

A Sentinel, which requires 10 parts, will receive the correctly stated 5 parts and no more.

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Hey woudo,

Good spot, that's definitely not intentional.

In fact the tooltip is wrong and was probably not updated during balance changes.
The design says:
"Assembly quickly builds all defences apart from Sentinels and Stone Knights which will only receive 5 parts"
I think this is to prevent exploiting mass Sentinels, but still making the ritual very powerful.
We will get the tooltip corrected and we will fix that the Sentinel (and Stone Knight) only ever got 5 parts installed in total, while it should get additional 5 parts each time assembly is applied.

Thanks for reporting this issue! =)

Theres an issue with the solution, it now fails after any instance of giving 5 parts to a sentinel

May be MP only, testing again, confirmed working as intended in SP

Hello. Are you planning to correct the tutorial text of this retural ?

Assembly will automatically place
up to 5 Defence Parts on all of your defence blueprints, at a rate of 1 every 10 seconds. This is enough to complete almost any defence.

Ah yes it looks like our writer may not have done that yet

In MP Client it will not function after the first attempt to build a sentinel

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Completed - Resolved