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Wrong mentor comment about Angry Monk converted

When Angry Monk converted in Torture Chamber Mendechaus says that Cultist converted (not Angry Monk).

Easy to check in My Pet Dungeon & Toybox.

But as translater I cannot find phrase in game text files.

Game Version:
Steam Public

Missing phrase about Angry Monk cpnverted in game text files.

I know that the voice actor's work is paid, but you could write this phrase when you next work with it.


We are planning to have full voice lines for all Crucible units for our 2.0 update. Until then we will leave the line as cultist, the alternative is to use the generic line which is much less interesting.

Josh to decide which ones should be generic and which need new RR lines. Assign to Cian afterwards to assign generics.

  • Golden Weaver
  • Badass Flying Chunder
  • Molten Skarg
  • Arcane Chunder
  • Angry Monk
  • Pink Eye Oculus
  • Shadow Terror
  • Bafu Screecher

New lines for:
Also there's a fiery frost weaver?

Reuse lines for:
S_Skarg_Molten use Skarg
S_Oculus_Pinkeye use Oculus
S_Shadow_Terror use Shadow
S_Bafu_Screecher use Bafu
S_EmberDemon_EmberLord use Ember Demon
All Chunders (including Arcane) use Chunder

Cian Noonan Confirm the fiery frost weaver name, then assign to Tim


Completed - Next Patch

Sorry this ticket was caught in a mass cleanup. We have recorded all the VO and it should now be correct however I have reopen this task to review it in game to ensure the correct VO is playing.

Completed - Next Patch