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Almost certain crash when completing a mission

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Hey Brightrock Games,

I recently started playing WftO again, since I never completed the campaign... (shame on me!) But it happens often that when I finish a campaign-mission the screen closes to black (like it should, sliding shut from bottom and top) and normally the statistics of the game appear and the new minions/stuff and such, but with me it (almost always) crashes before the statistics-page appears! When I load WftO again I can continue the campaign after the mission where it crashed, so my progress isn't lost, but it's pretty annoying. I also miss the new stuff-info and such, where I like to scroll trough! So now I generally save the game before I win and reload it, so I can read it all. When winning it the second time it goes without problem. But it almost always happens again with the next mission.

I also get an warning message that my PC is running out of memory and that applications are best shut down to prevent loss of information... But I have 12GB of RAM!

I also notice that when the game crashes that my Firefox also has pages that crashed and need to be reloaded. I will try to run the game without Firefox in the background, but this is not something that should happen.

  • Windows 10 64bit
  • 12GB DDR3-1600
  • Intel Core i5 2500K
  • MSI 8GB D5 GTX 1070 ARMOR 8G OC
  • Gamebuild: 1.5.2.f4






Thanks for looking into this!

Kind regards,

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Hey kwintus5,

Thanks for the bug report, this is brilliant. With what you have given us or should be easy to track down the cause.

This definitely looks to be memory related based on the logs. We will have a closer look first thing on Monday morning.

I'm really sorry that you have to suffer through these crashes, my only suggestion is to ensure that Steam and WFTO are the only programs running while you're playing. This may help.

I wanted to be smart and saved my game before completing the mission. To be safe I tought about exiting and reloading the game, so I tried to exit to main menu and it crashed again when I clicked the button! :P

Crashlog and output log of this one:



For information: crashlog from yesterday: 2017-03-13_200738.zip

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! I wanted to reload my saved game and It wasn't there... Apparently trying to exit the game right after saving caused it to disappear, probably because of the crash. :D

Luckly I don't mind replaying the mission, but still xD

Putting the texture quality from "ultra" (100%) to "high" (50%) seems to prevent the crashes from occurring. :)

Judging from what you've said so far, it definitely sounds like a memory issue. Saving the game is also a massively memory intensive process (and in this case it sounds like that caused the crash), it looks like the game ran out of memory during the saving process meaning that the save didn't manage to finish.

I think the only real solution we can offer is the one you've found yourself, reduce the texture quality. It seems your system can't handle game at Ultra quality.

I beg to differ, my PC has 12GB of RAM, at this moment my PC is using 4.1GB of my total RAM. (firefox open with multiple tabs, all my backgroundprograms running)

So you are saying that WftO uses about 7-8GB of RAM? And, it crashes when a mission completes or (apparently) when I quit-to-desktop after playing for a while. Just saying "my pc can't handle it" sounds wrong.

I just did level 8 and I noticed regular stuttering, probably caused by to many ghouls? I will be playing with my graphicsconfiguration to see what helps. But my GTX 1070 shouldn't have a problem with it...

Yes, im saying that WFTO can easily use 7-8GB of RAM on highest settings on some of the larger maps/more complex campaign levels.

As Cian said though, we need your full system specs in order to be narrow it down.

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Would you be able to post your full system specs?

Oh, didn't know WftO could be so demanding. :)

Here are my specs:

  • Intel Core i5 2500k
  • 12GB DDR3-1600
  • MSI 8GB D5 GTX 1070 ARMOR 8G OC
  • Corsair HX750i
  • Samsung SSD 850 EVO


No more crashes since I lowered the texturequality to 50%, so no worries anymore!

Not Fixable

From looking at the evidence and the fact that the crashes don't occur at 50% quality, I will have to conclude that it is due to system instability. There is likely an issue with some of your memory sticks as you seem to crash at the same amount of memory use each time.

I'm very sorry that you are experiencing this issue. We are releasing a patch that may minorly improve memory use, so feel free to try Ultra graphics again when that has released.

I lowered my textures to 25% and I still get regular crashes at Hearth of Gold... the level where you need to collect the massive amount of gold. :( Now it was when I lost to an invasion. Other times when saving.





*sigh* And a few other crashes:




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Does it still crash when on 50% quality?

This is very strange and looks to be a Unity specific issue. Unless we can get a bit more specific than just playing the level then there's not much we can do.

Yeah it did! That's why I lowered it to 25% :) and it still crashed. Now (with 25% textures) i closed firefox in the background (almost took 1GB of RAM) and it seems to be ok for now... (when i was on 50%, closing firefox didn't always help)

What more specific info do you want to pinpoint this issue? I finished the campaign now, so it's not as urgent anymore for me, but it was not a smooth experience. :) And i would like to go back to do some achievements

I think that this is an issue with the memory in your system, especially as you seem to always crash at the same amount. Do you have 3x4GB of RAM? If so, can you try removing one and run on just 8GB.

I have 3 times 4GB, yeah. :) so you are saying it's very likely to be an issue with my hardware? :(

That's the most likely cause, the amount of memory the game uses spikes during the load back to MainMenu and during Save/Load. The spike could be enough that dodgy RAM that isn't normal used gets used and fails. I would recommend using RAM benchmark software to diagnose the issue as well as trying to play with just 8GB of ram.

So, I ordered a new motherboard, CPU and RAM today. 16GB of 3200 RAM, if this won't do it, then I eat my keyboard! :-)

Completed - Resolved

As requested i'll make this as complete for now, if you need anymore help feel free to give us a shout on the forums or make a new ticket :)

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Lets leave it pending, I'm interested to know if it will work. Let us know Kwintus!

He asked me on discord to set it as complete... but fine, leave it as pending if you want..

Well, I did the last level of the heart of gold campaign without any problems :) (crash-wise, that is) So I can assume that it's fixed! I em also playing pet dungeon now, without problems, but I guess those levels are less taxing than the campaign-missions.

Played about 2 hours in level 7 of my pet dungeon and i got a warning for memory again... now i tried to save and it crashed again... and because it crashed while trying to save, the save is also gone... so i can restart completely. :(

Sigh, 2 hours of work lost... :( I have 16GB of the latest RAM now, how the fuck can this happen.





Saving is incredibly memory intensive, so it makes sense that the crash occurred after attempting to save after a low memory warning.

Looking at the memory log (error.log) you can see that you have just over 7GB of memory free at the time of crash, with only 400MB free in the paging file. This is incredibly strange as paging files are used by Windows to clear the physical memory when it is getting full, having 7GB of memory free should prevent the paging file from getting so full.

I suggest that you attempt to disable the Windows paging file as it may be causing issues. This guide will show you how to disable it.

The only drive I have is a 500GB SSD-drive, so my pagefile is configured this low on purpose to prevent my SSD to be used up.

I'm suggesting removing the pagefile entirely, it is not necessary for normal operation, especially when you have so much RAM.

Completed - Resolved

We will assume this is now fixed due to the lack of reply, if this is not the case post back and we will reopen the ticket.

Sorry that I didn't reply faster, but I didn't play so much WftO anymore since I completed the My Little Pet Dungeon campaign. Other than some short campaign-runs I tried the Crucible and at the end (28th round or something) I got the warning again that my pc was running on low memory and that I should close applications to prevent loss. But, no crash. :) I did remove my pagefile.