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Save Menu not appearing

Lorelei 6 years ago updated by Stefan Furcht (Programmer) 6 years ago 2

In any Skirmish map, everytime I go to save the game, the save menu is not appearing. All the other menus work fine, just the save one not displaying.

Game Version:
Steam Public

Thanks for fixing this so soon. I look forward to the hotfix. :)

Brilliant game, by the way. Brings back lots of fond Dungeon Keeper memories :)

Satisfaction mark by Lorelei 6 years ago

Hello Lorelei,
this was a mistake on our side when we recently remove the "Survival" tab from the menu as we decided that saving in this mode would be like cheating.
After remocing it, we did not see that there were still references to it which now prevent the save menu from opening.

We will get this issue sorted as soon as possible.
Thanks for pointing us to this rather serious issue.

Completed - Resolved

The problem is now fixed in the internal codebase and a new hotfix will be out soon bringing the save menu back to work.