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Achievement: Prison Architect

whity2xlc 6 years ago updated by Lee "Noontide" Moon (Designer & Community Manager) 6 years ago 13

Hi there! I cannot get the Prison Architect Achievement (Finish Level 6 (Behind Enemy Lines) within 15 Minutes (Standard Campaign)). Also, when i destroy the enemy portal it happens, that the mission is not finished.

Does altering game speed has influence of achievements ???

I think maybe patching and fixing the Game to the current state has made the achievement impossible. Current version: 1.4.3f5.

Thanks for your help

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hi whity2xlc

We had a similar thread at the generell help section on this topic.

I also play tested it, and for me it feels almost as easy, if not easier.

I will link you a Video which could help you and the Thread, where I gave the User some Tips and also feedback to the Developers.

Btw, turn on the ingame clock and scale down the game pace under Optiones -> Gameplay -> Game pace.

Because only the imgame Clock does caunt.


thanks for your answer.

i will try again. also i know the video and seen it several times.

as i said, few days ago, i destroyed the portal but the mission didnt end.

thanks for the info with the gamespeed.

the mission clock is already activated...

will try again on weekend

Bohser's response is a good insight into our previous check into this. But I will still raise your feedback to the designer. I can confirm however it is still possible and perhaps not even as hard as it was in previous patches :)

I just playtested it, in several ways. And I found something

I think there's a bug. The Target for now istn't to only destroying the Gateway, but also kill the lvl 10 Dwarf.
Indeed, that makes the whole achievement way harder.
I recommand changing the objective to either only kill the gateway or +1 Minute.

It is still possible, but very hard, because this dwarf is damn tanky and has some strong guards.

Thanks for pointing that out, that you have destroyed the gateway, it made testing way faster.

Not a bug, this was an intended change in Patch 1.4 I think.

Hi guys...

I tried the Mission like 30 times now and I am starting to get bored... Seems impossible...

I watched the Video plenty of times, tried it here and there...

I also corrupted more Enemies, had 70 units (much more than the guy in the video)...

What I found out is, that the Enemies at the Gate are Level 10,9,8 and not Level 4,5 (like in the video)...

Those Highlevel Dwarves really kick ass, I can't beat that within 15 Minutes.

Also, must the gate be destroyed or must the enemies be killed ? Both seems really tough with the high level enemies guarding the gate...

Please can anybody confirm and tell me a solution for this archievment?

The winning condition currently is killing the boss and the portal. I will let our designer have a look at the balancing. But I can agree that lowering the boss and his troop level would help.

Yeah I can confirm this is pretty much impossible. I can get to to portal at 14 mins but as soon as I get through the gate the dwarfs do spinning attacks and instantly kill all of my lvl 7- minions. There are 4 Level 10 dawrfs in there with 6 others at level 8-9.