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Creatures flee from battle

Ryan Cosford 6 years ago updated by Lee "Noontide" Moon (Designer & Community Manager) 6 years ago 12

OK so have noticed something with my intelligent minions.

I place a rally flag near enemies in order for my fighting force to attack.

Please note that majority of creatures are at at least level 4, a few under and a few higher.

Now all creatures and beasts come to rally flag and attack enemy let's say there's about 4 enemit's, mixed level but highest been 4.

My creatures will attack for a bit but then will flee for a few tiles then run back and attack again.

I can't understand why they would flee when A) there are a total of more of my creatures than enemies and B) my creatures are of the same or higher level than the enemy and even my creatures that have a lower level should feel better knowing that the higher level creatures are there to back them up.

Could this be looked at.

P.S sorry Lee "Noontide" ☺

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Were the minions on low health? There are various reason why minions would ignore a rally flag and flee, but Low health is the main one as minions will try and save their own skin by fleeing before they die.

None were on low health as they had only been training.

Example I had over 15 level 4-5 creatures and there were only 4 level 4 and one level 5 enemies and majority of creatures were alternating between fighting then instantly fleeing and then coming back to flag and thenot fleeing...all the while with an enemy following them but the fleeing minions would attack once then flee then attack then flee which did result in some of my mid level beasts...especially skarg dying.

Is it possible that these units were ranged units that were being chased by melee units. The AI of ranged units is set to try and keep distance so that threat from enemy is minimised, so they'll attempt to kite enemy units.

I'll try and upload a log for this. I'm playing mostly sandbox and scenarios but also happens during campaign.

I've seen a level 4 Gnarling fleeing from 3 level one Sappers... 'nuff said, I think. No, he wasn't even scratched. The sappers just finished breaching in.

There were some warlocks or whatever they're called but also witch doctors...some beasts...so really a mixed bunch of creatures...same with the enemy units..some ranged some melee but even occolous same thing happens but I know they're fleeing because their thought bubble shows these fleeing icon.

I think we had such an discussion internally, about the rally flag behaviour.

I will just drop some unformationes here, because for me it sounds like intended. That's why a video would help there.

If you Rally your miniond to a point they will ignor enemies on their way to the flag. They will fight near the flag, and hunting enemy minions there.

Units which go for the hunt, and are outnumbered temt to flee, some minions more, some minion less likly, depends on level, HP and Group Size.

Back in the group they feel strong again and go for the hunt again.

If you don't move your rally flag that will happen more likly, thats why I would adjust the rally flag for some tile while playing.

I do tend to move rally flag as no when need to say if my minions have killed some enemies around a certain areas but a few tiles away are some more enemies so I move flag closer

I apologise for my speech I use these forums on my mobile and predictive text on android seems to speak a different language instead of English.

If a video would help what programme would be best to use?

I use OBS, it's free, not a huge impact on the Game.
But Shadow Play is also good to use.
Fraps is also really good to record, but the files are enormous.

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