Crash to desktop, level 5

Kashi Commodore 6 years ago updated by Stefan Furcht (Programmer) 6 years ago 6

Playing level 5, the game will crash to desktop, usually just before or just after 10 minutes (I tend to use impasse to delay the dwarf onslaught)

Tried everything in the 'general faq' and 'startup crash faq'. Tried not using a headset, verfiying cache and reinstalling etc.


Game Version:
Steam Public

Damnit, post too quickly. Continued:

CPU: AMD FX 8320E (8 core, 4ghz_, RAM: 16GB DDR3, GPU: AMD Radeon 7630 (I think?)

Crash always is an 'Apphang' as reported by windows.

Tried scalin down graphics settings etc, just in case. No dice.


I'm not particularly seeing anything that stands out in the output log. I'll chuck it onto code to see if they can notice anything.

Pending Customer

Hello Kashi,
the log you uploaded does indeed not give much insight unfortunately as it looks like a normal correctly working play session to me.

Are you sure it was taken from the same play session where the level crashed for you or did you restart since then?

If you did restart, then we'd need a log from the same play session where the problem occurred.

Also, when the game really crashes it normally generates a crash report, which would be useful as well.
Such crash report will be saved in a separate folder and is NOT overwritten each game start.
Read in the How to: Submit a Bug Ticket how to find and upload a crash report.



Closing down due to lack of customer response.