Recruitment list “cancel” button doesn’t always show XBOX

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On Xbox Series X, I often find myself mass rejecting doctors to find one I want using the “reject all” button. Even if there’s only one or 2 doctors loaded I’ll hit that button because it’s easier than the usual navigation. Sometimes when it’s “calling a new doctor” the “cancel” button there doesn’t show, so if that’s the first doctor in the list, I can’t move down to any of the doctors below that until the first doctor loads. It’s a small bug that it doesn’t show. Also it would be nice if the “reject all” button refreshed all the doctors at once versus having to wait for each individual to load, though I get there’s a point to that.

Xbox Series X
Dominik Customer Support
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Hey Becca, thank you for reporting this! I will forward this to our team for investigation and update you as soon as I hear any news about a possible solution. 

I kindly ask for your patience!