Recruitment list Expertise algorithm not working well

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On Xbox Series X, the algorithm or whatever you use to populate the Recruitment list doesn’t cycle through Expertises often enough. I very often find myself waiting to hit “Reject All” because it’s not showing me anything I need. Even the Traits don’t seem to change much when I reject. It feels as though the game sees what I need and purposefully doesn’t show it to me, which isn’t the case but it’s frustrating. Once I finally find and hire an expertise I need, then more show up as if then it knows I need it. It should know what I need and be more likely to show that. Maybe it needs to show less Trainees because often times 75% of my list is trainees and personally I’d rather hire expertise.

Xbox Series S
Dominik Customer Support
  • Suggestion Received

Hey Becca! Thanks for the tip on the game algorithm in recruitment. We’ll keep it in mind as we work on new updates!