Save information missing even though it is possible to open the first level and all decorations are still there

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Just a quick message to say that for no reason or update or re install I opened the game today and all my save information has gone. I can open up the first level and it has all my decorations and is a 5star hospital with everything I should have in it. But I can not see or open anything else as there is nothing there.17190861541784114589461063562095.jpg

I have attached photos so you can see I have rooms that I unlocked further into the campaign that shouldn't belong if I hadnt gone further. 

Not expecting any fixes for it just wanted you all to know so you could potentially fix it for others. Many thanks

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Hey Sean, thank you for submitting a bug report. I am sorry to hear you are missing your save, I will forward your report to our team for investigation and they will see if anything can be salvaged. 

I kindly ask for your patience.