Can't Hire Doctors

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When i started level 2 of the campaign i realized after like 10 minutes of building that i couldn't hire any doctors due to the timer of the panel being froze. Thinking that it would start running after starting the hospital i simply went on with it. Then when i actually tried to hire, the doctors loading bars kept being froze. I refreshed it but it did nothing at all. Then appeared a cancel button under the second slot, after pressing cancel it shows a placeholder icon (i suppose that's left from the game's prototyping). There's nothing else to do with it, other than restart the level i think?. Debug tool is not working, and i cant find the save file. I'm playing the Microsoft store version. I'll send my appdata folder: Brightrock Games.rar
And a screenshot of the issue:galacticare stuck cant hire.jpg . Also, after further looking on the internet  i found there's more players suffering from this problem, even in sandbox mode.

Dominik Customer Support
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Hey Nazareno! I am sorry to hear you are experiencing problems with hiring your doctors. We have released a hotfix that should resolve this problem over the weekend. Can you confirm that you are still unable to hire the doctors?