Discord Ban Appeal

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So, I was banned from your discord community a few years ago, due to the fact I was I had my account hacked and taken over so they spammed links in every server I was in. I was able to recover my account and get back on. I was banned from a lot of servers. Including The Brightrock Games server. At the time it did not bother me as much, as I was not active in the community but as I am returning to the community, I would like to be unbanned from the server.

Discord Username: the_lamash

I would also like to attach a Screenshot of the Message the hacker sent on my account for proof and stuff: IMG_2571.jpeg

Dominik Customer Support
  • Answered

Hey Lamash! After reviewing your case, we have decided to unban you on our discord so you should be able to rejoin the community once again. Please make sure to enable two-factor authentication on your account to prevent similar situations from happening in the future, thanks!