many side mission dialogue from events does not play

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Galacticare Debug Save Friday, June 7, there are a lot of dialogue popups that just don't play or don't play properly in the sandbox mode events, this one in particular has come up a lot for me during the event where Ms.Orion asks you to take care of their jelled friend.

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Though a particularly good example is the quest where there is the mimic colossal that mimics Ultras voice as it fails to play anything around 3 times

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Hey Blaze! Thank you for reporting this! I am sorry that some of the audio are not playing - I will forward this to our team for investigation and I will update you as soon as I have any news!

I appreciate your patience!



Dominik Customer Support
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Hey Blaze, thank you for your patience. Our team is having a hard time replicating the issue so they need some more information about this issue (I know some time has passed but anything helps):

- What were you doing in-game before it broke?

- Was it broken from the start or it broke after some time?

- A short video showing the problem would be awesome

Thank you for your cooperation!