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  • If you copy an object through the quick actions menu, the color is not copied, as well as the type, it is very annoying (video attach)
  • Perhaps due to the combination of Dr. "Ultra" and TelePad's, some patients simply hang and teleport between offices and cannot even enter it with priority, moreover, if they are denied treatment, they cannot leave the clinic, the save is attached in the archive "save"
  • VERY OFTEN. A very cool bug, when doctors enter the X room, they can endlessly go to the point of interaction and because of this, the office may freeze, in the case of the laboratory it slows down (video attach) 
  •  A rare and strange bug, probably either garbage is created in the room, or a puddle that is not visible, only the doctor complains about it, so that it disappears, you have to lift and put the room
  • Crash, it crashed 3 times at the moment of pause, when I picked up the doctors and sent them to the offices, relatively rare

It's not a bug, it's a feature?

  • If you continue to play endless mode after the chapter, I did it mainly to study all the diseases to the maximum, you accumulate a lot of "Creation" (I hope it transferred normally), after which you can get an adviser in the next chapter, immediately open the previous chapter and feed him bars, I improved so much immediately Dr. "Ultra" and Dr. "Our hopes" (Vizarj)
  • If you start investigating 1 disease with two doctors, you will not see an increase in the speed of study, if there is one at all


  • The ability to assign doctors to the "Research Laboratory", I do not understand, now some doctors can be assigned, and some cannot (screenshot with the number 3). Perhaps it is worth adding a specialization of the scientist? ;/
  •  There are very few keyboard shortcuts, let's say you copy an object under the cursor

Here are the patients who really like to stay in the hospital:

Youtube video

copy bug: 

Youtube video

Bug with doctors:

Youtube video

some doctors can be assigned:

Image 8834

    Windows PC

    And a separate point, most likely, will not be realized. The question is, is it possible to make it so that if there is a teleport to the room, then the passage is optional? Because it looks strange, but this is probably my personal problem, since I'm trying to make everything compact.

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    Dominik Customer Support
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    Hey there! Thank you for the very comprehensive bug report! I will forward your report to our team for the investigation and I will update you as soon as I hear any news.

    I appreciate your patience!