All save data gone (PS5)

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Just completed the campaign and went to carry on to get 5 star on chapter 11. Game crashed (sent report as requested) and when I went back on all the save data is gone. Tried syncing save data but it only shows world 1 and none of my unlocked items. Really gutted as I put 31 hours into this game.

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Dominik Customer Support
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Hey there. I am sorry to hear that you have experienced a data loss. I am reporting this to our team right now for investigation and I will let you know as soon I hear from the team.

Thank you for your patience!



Nick Dupont

Hi Ishmael,

Very sorry you’ve come across this issue, unfortunately the way console saves work we have very little room to maneuvre as far as recovering your data is concerned. Fortunately in the next patch we’ll be adding a “Skip Story” feature which should allow you to get back to Chapter 11 without going through the whole game, and as this sounds like a profile issue your saves should hopefully still be available allowing you to jump back to your old hospitals.

Let us know when the patch is released if this at least somewhat resolves your issue.


Mitchell Binding
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