On load, mission will not progress past call

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On opening my existing Chapter 4 save, I am informed that "fast claps for you. Bestowing now the Critter Lure..." and so on. Letting the message play out or clicking the skip message button does not close the message. No further mission progress is possible, but the rest of the gameplay continues normally. 

I have a relevant debug output, but I'm not sure where you want it.

Build ID 14561605
Windows PC
Dominik Customer Support
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Hey! I am sorry you have a problem with not being able to progress the chapter 4 mission. To investigate the issue, we need you to provide us with certain game files - Instructions on generating the files can be found HERE. Please note that the files must be generated from the same session the bug has occurred.

Additionally, if possible, could you record a short video showing the problem?

I appreciate your cooperation!