Rework "Turn Room Off Button"

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currently, turning a room off has the same effect as deliberately or accidentally hitting the edit-room button: It instantly throw every out.

A smoother operation would be to finish the current patient, or even the entire current queue.

These could be three options to choose from, with the standard being to finish the current patient.

That makes for less disruptive gameplay.

If thrown out immediately, as with the edit button, patients, doctors, and all those in the queue should be upset about the sudden disruption. To patients it could and should even cause damage. Especially regarding the harsher treatments. The same goes for doctors operating certain things like the rocket ship or the psychic clam.

The queue being send elsewhere would still be annoying to patients but not as much.

So far I have not encountered any relevance to the turn-off-button.

Same goes for patient happiness to be honest. It seems like a useless stat.

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