UI: New Artefact Highlight missing

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turns out I never got UI highlights in the inventory about having new Artefact-items. Thus only by the end of the game I once misclicked the tab who's existence I had overlooked until then, because nothing had ever appeared in it, and no big yellow dot ever appeard to indicate otherwise, that I had 3, three(!), by then.

They probably popped up for a split second like all those other rewards and researches, but that is not time to take any of that in in a game that constantly has you do things.

Especially since these are not simple decorations but have actual effects they don't just deserve to be ons creen longer, but deserve their own infoscreens - and an indication for what milestone you got them.

There's also no explanation on how the HEAL-holo doc is any better than a normal holo doc instead of it being free and taking up 2x2 instead of 1x1 (at least none that I remember, certainly not in the inventory infobox, which has ample space.

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Hi N h! Just as a ping, I am reminding you about the required files I need to forward this problem further to our team.

Thank you for your understanding!