Research: Assigned Doctors just autoremove themselves at random

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When adding researchers via the Research Screen, it only takes a few seconds and the doctors autoremoves by just taking something else up from the global ADHD chaos queue.

Thus the doctor is also not lockable, because he or she is not in the room.

The same goes with teleporting anyone to the room: In many cases the doctor instead goes elsewhere, and it takes 2-5 attempts, depending on what's going on.

This is the exact same behaviour of dropping workers in front of walls to dig in WftO, where instead they run away to do anything else on the other end of the map. They give no indication what they're on about, and it can be anything from wanting to look at something to throwing away trash. Even doctors just hired into the room do that. If they have an unfulfilled need, that should be indicated by an icon. The WftO-workers however never had any needs, so the problem is most likely the global queue.

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Hi N h! Just as a ping, I am reminding you about the required files I need to forward this problem further to our team. 

Thank you for your understanding!