Not sure if Bug: Mission 10 - Spacewhale Goop always spawns in same location

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As in the title, the spacewhale goop nonsense to clean up always spawns in the same location. Lame.

For almost the entire mission I wondered where the stuff was even coming from and why pests made it past the pest traps so much. The animation of the spacewhales phased out spawning/flying through the station could barely be seen, caught, noticed, and was barely mentioned in explanation.

It's a neat thing to happen, brings some action to the hospital, but it always spawns in the same area of the first section of the hospital, no matter how much is unlocked. This would be a great mission to for once need the cleanliness beacon. But then it's only one area... so it's pointless again.

I see no issue with the yet locked areas accumulating the crap and the medibots having to play cleanup crew first when they move in.

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Hey N h! I hope you had a nice weekend. Just letting you know that I am still waiting for the additional files I need to fill a bug report for the three other threads you created on Friday. 

I appreciate your cooperation!