UI (Research): No equipment upgrade indication + Research UI overhaul

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You never get any indication that research on equipment upgrades is finished. That leads to a colossal waste of time.

I guess only diseases get a (way too short) indication on the screen because they count as permanent upgrades to the profile.

In that sense, I would suggest overhauling the entire Research UI approach:

1) The research done indication must come for equipment research

2) Have an indicator in the bottom left for research progress. This is probably required to be dynamic as multiple researches can be done. Maybe a switch selection, or an expandable tab can be used.

3) Optionally, add a queue for research objects. 3 should be fine.

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Dominik Customer Support
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Hey N h! I have changed the thread category to suggestions as what you are describing is more like something that can be implemented in the game than an outright bug of any kind. 

Still, will let our team know about it!



Lee "Noontide" Moon Designer & Community Manager
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We'll look into adding some toasts for when your research is complete and consider surfacing when your research rooms have gone idle.