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researcher assignment UI: does not show anything relevant about the doctors skills, as there are those with bonus and malus about research speed

only consultants, specialists and trainees - which is completely irrelevant. there is also no researcher specialisation


The Assignment window for Research useless as it does not show the doctor's skills. Is there a bonus or a malus to research? Who knows!?

I suppose they should be in "matching expertise" but that only lists the Consultants. So this may just as well be a bug, therefore I'll file it there, as you technically have an intended category already.

But you'd also want to not put those with a research-malus in there either.

Whether someone's a trainee or specialist is completely irrelevant here. At least nothing in the game ever made mention that Trainees are worse researchers or that Specialists have an inherent bonus to research.

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Hey N h! Thank you for the detailed bug report on the research window. I am forwarding this to our team for investigation and will let you know about any updates as soon as I hear from the team.

I appreciate your patience!