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this has been a bane throughout the entire campaign:

While in a mission, the big Galaxy Map Button in the lower left corner brings you to the Galaxy Map. So far so good.

From there, and only from there, you have access to the screens for species progression and the Pathodex. Why not from inside the mission? Mysteries of the Loamverse. The Loamshop is accessible from inside the mission by pressing the pink-money-button after all. And this is probably where the problem starts coming together:

When on the Galaxy Map, the big button turns into a "Return to Game Button", which is also fine.

However, the problem begins when you go into the Pathodex, Reputation/Species-Screen or the Loamshop. Because in all of those it does not again become the Galaxy Map Button (i.e. "back to last/main screen button"), but remains the "Back to Game Button".

Instead there is an extra button above the three mentioned in this weird mobile game like UI with cryptic symbols (I still don't know what the furthermost right button with the geometric shape does, or keep forgetting it if I ever knew, because there's not even mouse-over tooltip name for it), there now another innocuous Galaxy Map Button, supposed to indicate that by a fancy implied double-spiral arm galaxy, which the loam spiral certainly is not.

So there are two Galaxy Map Buttons and where it happens to be changes on where you are.

I'm sorry, with reference to my annoyingly big text about these sorts of things, that's not an oversight, that's just... irrational, to put it diplomatically.

How often I have accidentally pressed on the "Back to Game Button" in the reflex "Back to Galaxy Map", because when I start the game or end a mission I go at least to that shop, and was thrown either into the short loading screen for the currently loaded level, or thrown into yesterday's sandbox with a minute long loading screen (which doesn't even have any music and is dead silent and a still image), just to hop out again. I have at least used up the fingers of one hand to count the amount of times that happened, and that means about a third to a half of the game.

This is obviously a feature, but one of the most misguided ones. You needed another galaxy button because of this weird implementation of the "Back to Game Button" because from where one can access which screen is messed up because you wanted them accessible from many places. You have accidentally, and with good intent, created a frustrating labyrinth with only a few buttons.

This needs an overhaul.

You can't have two buttons for the same thing that jump around the place, just because one button has changing states.

If your galaxy map button turns to something else but you still need a galaxy map button, you went down the wrong rabbit hole. The something else is what should be the other button.

It would make more sense to leave the galaxy map button to only be a return to game button on the galaxy map.

Have the shop & dexes be directly accessible from ingame, and have another return button there instead, as these are also info windows you want to access easily from ingame, not another galaxy map button. Too many clicks.

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