Save a room layout as a template

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After building a room once it would be nice if we can save the layout to be used on future levels with 1 click instead of having to always build the rooms from scratch again.

Basically the existing copy room feature but something that would last across levels.

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Dominik Customer Support
  • Suggestion Received

Hey there! Thanks for sharing your idea about saving room layouts as templates. We love getting feedback and will consider it for our next update!



n h.

There already is a button for that.

It's the little diskette-button at the bottom.

The buttons are all really small, easy to miss, missclick or hit the wrong one entirely (I often accidentally hit the edit-button when I want to hit the copy-button... Which is... well you know what happens...)

Especially later on when the resource-monster that is the Unity Engine slows down the UI so much the cursor skips frames.

I sometimes have a bug (not sure yet what causes it. Might be tabbing out, not sure yet, thus nothing submitted), that causes the actual little white hardware cursor to appear, and as that's moved across the screen with good framerate you can see how much the ingame cursor drags behind with lost frames in between. I rather play with that bug then, because at least In know where the cursor is.

I'll leave this here for context but will open an extra ticket in the hopes a hardware cursor option can be integrated... (and hope that whatever the next game is, it won't be in something like Unity).

Dominik Customer Support

Thank you for the follow-up on the suggestion with additional information!