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this would be a big one if taken up:

In the earlier Levels every new illness was introduced due to their being a very limited number and basically with every new room need, as well as whatever the story relevant thing is.

However, since seeing the big list of 49, I assumed there would be tons of missions.

Instead, the last missions just suddenly dump 10-20 new illnesses into the hospital, all covered by the existing machinery.

That is technically fine and adds fluff, but it went completely unnoticed by the end of the stories, as I did not even bother getting to medical research as I was still doing Craft-Upgrades in my one meager research lab, and for example seeing it there in the list. Only when I finally decided to start medical research, there was this suddenly overpopulated list.

Without active reading in the menu, they go completely unnoticed. Since especially later on you only constantly place and adjust stuff, you play relatively zoomed out and thus don't even see their conditions, making that visual development work also go to waste.

What I miss here is something similar to the Monster introductions in Dungeon Keeper: The new Monster comes in from the portal (there with its own spawn animation, which of course isn't much of a thing on a bus), and walking into and through the dungeon with the camera locked on while the narrator explains about the creature and its likes and issues and a bit of a background.

That of course doesn't work well when you suddenly dump ten new such things into one level. But since they're all covered already by what exists, that could just be done one my one, and intermingled with the existing events (which imho happen far too frequently, but I'll go over that in another ticket).

For Galacticare the explanation point would rather be diagnostics than getting of the bus ("portal") obviously; unless it is something obvious like a story or event related thing like "the burn victims from that fuel-refinery, or was it a beach resort that suddenly went supernova? that was all over the news, have arrived! That does look painful... I'm sure the Beach-Resort story is the true one and these are just bad sunburns. Public Relations and all. (Also, half of our equipment is only feasible because it runs on their stuff we buy on bulk-discount)")

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  • Suggestion Received

Hey, thank you for your feedback regarding adding more illnesses to the game. We'll definitely think about it for future improvements!