Animation Fix for Medibots needed + Pest Suggestions

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Workers are a central part in all these types of games, their animations matter on top levels - especially with such cute ones - as supposedly you see them the most, they stand out the most. Whether it's the Imps in DK2 leaving their legs behind that tip over after their death or their speedlines as they woosh with their Lv4 buff or something else.

When Medibots go pest hunting (which basically never happens ever again after setting up traps in your non-Shuttle entrances), the Pest-Critter stops in place but continues its walking animation cycle, while the Medibot approaches and does its thing.

The Medibot then doesn't even shoot at the critter, but just at a fixed spot on the ground in front of it - which only works visually if the Medibot is aligned correctly, which is seldom the case.

These types of games live from these details, as it's all about athmosphere.

The animation must reflect an interaction between the two, not just hack forward as in an RTS like Warcraft3.

The dumb critters are likely not conscious enough to be scared of the big thing - after all, they are there to bite patients. So they'd likely continue moving on. If there were smarter critters, they could have scaredy-animations or even try to fight the Medibots in vain attempts - or even damage the poor bubble bot and win. (Probably needs bigger or at least more vicious critters). Salazars Robotnik-Cars could and would want to zap-disable Medibots for sure.

Either lay out a trap for them, (as this game loves references) with a TRON-energy field the Medibot circles the little car or lays as an obstruction in the corridor that the carbot rams into (temporarily blocking movement and making patients wait), doing the lame thing and tractor-beaming it with a magnet, since those things are metal, or just Teslaing it (which can easily backfire on wrong targets or itself, or the carbot counter-charging in time - maybe there're other reasons these Medibots were decomissioned from military use). 

(Think "higher level critters with more or different abilities) once in a while, either in the critter group, or as a different wave; some could build nests in the outer corridors (that so far are very underutilized outside of some extra benches) that go undetected and the Medibots would eventually need to go out and eradicate them there, go on hunting parties. That would also give them something to do outside the way too easily accessible Pest Traps)

The easy fix would be to make the energy projectile homing, but that usually looks like a copout outside of that close range.

Having to hit the actual thing visually is relevant.

The Medibot could also get different types of extermination tools - after all, the bobbles do have some... history, don't they?

A directed slicing laser could be an alternate weapon too, and if the Medibot isn't careful, might even cause damage to equipment or patients and doctors who then need additional treatment.

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Hey! Thank you for your detailed feedback regarding what you would love to see in the future. We will keep your ideas in mind!