Voicelines cut short by next voiceline (and more in the Xil-Level)

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Throughout the campaign, voicelines were often cut short by the next voiceline playing.

Some were entirely missing while the text displayed normally.

For the event where Medibot goes "Vrrrrr!" to go faster and HEAL complains about that, both voicelines of Medibot were missing.

As I was busy on the screen and only head HEAL's complaint, it was funny enough by itself and thus didn't seem broken, until I noticed on a later repeat that Medibot actually says the things HEAL refers to.

The Xil-Level seems the most broken in that regard. I'll if I can for once generate a log for that level.

Voice Lines there were either not playing at all, or 10x simultaneously over themselves, or looped either twice, or as long as an event-window wasn't clicked.
That entire level was bugged (no pun intended): With things like the stationary shuttle remaining in place while the animated copy moved out, and would also fly through the outer gate before it had properly opened (thus clipping through it). The latter also seemed to happen in ch11.

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Hey, thank you for reporting broken voice lines. I will forward this to our team for further investigation and will update you as soon as I get any news about a possible fix.

I appreciate your patience!