Brain Food Dispenser not a Dispenser?

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the Brain Food Dispenser is a confusing item. It is obviously not listed in the vending machine section so I must assume this was intended.

It does not dispense anything, nobody interacts with it, it has an opening compartment like the vending machines, yet, well... it stands there and... goes past expiration date.

This is especially odd since there are no food vending machines at all, only drinks.

I'd suggest upgrading this confusing item in the future.

In general, many items beyond exhibition pieces like models, and skeletons, could provide a minimum of (funny) interaction beyond just looking at them.

Looking at things itself only seems to be a passive thing in the log of units. Outside of medibots taking their time to stare at Lures, I have no noticed anyone really doing that. And we have this really cool Bonsai over there!

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  • Suggestion Received

Hey! Thanks for the suggestion on labelling items more efficiently. We appreciate the feedback and will keep it in mind for future updates!



n h.

This one's not about labeling!

I want people to EAT! :D

Hunger and thirst should be seperate values for that matter.

After all, there is a burger on the "need for food" trait/detriment, and there are burger-joints out there, I've seen them! But I have not seen a single burger! (Mine's in the oven right now, because the poor thing's from yesterday's leftovers... good times!)


Hi n h, when you unlock a new treatment room you can then purchase/unlock decorations themed for that room. This one is specifically for the Dreamarium and is classed as an ordinary decoration.

I agree with you that there should be food vending machines or even a cafe room would be nice. 

n h.

That suggestion-function for room-themed stuff only began to work later on, then was bugged for a time and filled with repeated things. Now after unlocking everything it works right.

Still an annoyingly misleading item either way.

If in the Dreamarium, the Doctor could also take something out of it and feed it to the brainmonster as an idle animation when no patients are around.

Dominik Customer Support

Thank you for the follow-up on this suggestion thread!