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Helllo Galacticares!

With all the Toxin in my system turning to kidney stones, the whole world becomes really slow, yet my hand seems to be in two places at once, with the cursor hopping all over the screen, as if the frames are missing. The more people, the fewer frames. And I never took up archery and playing darts in the Irish Pub on Beltainah IX was already a bit of an issue. The sweetcheeks behind the bar always dared me that she'd date me if I beat her, but that I'd have to pay double on my tab when I lost. Well guess why my company competing with yours is bankrupt now!

For fairness in the market I have filed with the medical oversight regulatory commissariate body board that cursors should turn into "copy" mode for the next thing they click on simply by hitting [ctrl]+[c], like any other editing program, so that your proprietiness of your monopoly-UI you have forced through lobbying onto all us competitors you know are all on Toxin (except for those buggers hooked up on Sap, they only have to deal with diabetes from the Fructose overload, the lucky b******s! And what's easier to get today than a vat-grown liver replacement? Mainly just stemcells anyway.) will be broken! Free market ahoy!

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Hey! Awesome write-up! I love reading your suggestion posts! We’ll keep it in mind as we work on new updates!