Chapter 8 not progressing

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Hello there, folks at Brightrock and associates!

First off, let me first congratulate you on making a great game, which appears fairly successful to boot!

Now onto my issue: I'm currently playing Chapter 8 (One Species' Trash...) and while I've completed all objectives (At least, that I am physically able to), my game refuses to give me any cue on how to progress anymore, and I fear progression has stalled altogether.

The side objective known as "Salvage Mission" never gave me any instructions to follow, instead being essentially an empty tab on the objectives overview. So I figured I may as well keep on the other objectives until something triggered it.

By now, I have completed everything I can, but seeing as no canister-bots or battery-bots appear to be spawning and my only remaining objective is to activate both remaining unavailable sectors of the hospital (for which I lack said battery-bots) I'm currently unable to progress.

I've loved the game so far, and even written a rather positive review (Though I rarely write any reviews). I hope this issue can be either fixed in the next bugfix patch or worked around in the meantime.

Thanks again for a brilliant game, even if it still has the occasional issue, and speak to you soon!

(Screenshot and debug log attached.)    Debug Files

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Windows PC
Dominik Customer Support
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Hello Machiel! I am happy to hear you are having a blast playing Galacticare and I am truly sorry you have experienced a problem progressing through chapter 8. I will forward your bug report to our team for investigation and will update you as soon as I get any news about the possible fix. 

I appreciate your patience while this is being worked on!




I have similar issues on chapter 8. 


1) Game progress essentially dies the moment you've finished the chapter's storyline. E.g. the mission tracker on the right hand side of the screen doesn't tell you to try to get to five stars

2) The game does not register me completing 5 stars

My gameplay of chapter 8 is more than 5 hours long now. The last two-three hours were very frustrating. As soon as you complete the chapter's storyline, multiple issues occur that make it hard or impossible to get to 5 stars.

1) You no longer get resources from the planet to be turned into cash,

2) Baz no longer arrives at the hospital unless you use the horn to call for him

3) I suspect that the loamite spawn rate drops off but can't prove it

4) Even if you manage to - very frustratingly - scrape together a 5 star rating, the game refuses to register it

Clearly some of the scripts running behind the scenes on that level have stopped working.

Image 8878

Since it is a level where you get a very low payment for the treatments, it is already a hard level since you can't rely boosting your hospital rating by having a good economy.

In normal gameplay, I could get to 4.7 stars and push it to 4.8 stars. Then the storyline finished and everything after that became a frustrating slug fest.

The problem with Baz not arriving at the station may be connected with the game being saved and then loaded so I could continue later. After I loaded the game for the second time, he'd definitely stopped arriving completely.

In order to scrape together a good hospital economy, the only way forward on that map was to hunt as many loamites as possible (very frustrating) in order to add multiple loamgates to get a higher patient spawn rate, to equip every possible room with the upgrade that provides extra funds and to have a ton of telepoters to cut down on travelling times and to keep as many patients as possible from travelling using the docking areas where their happiness is low and which you can't upgrade.

Something is clearly wrong. And even with the strategy mentioned above, the game doesn't register me reaching 5 stars, the in-game screen reads that I have 5.0 stars and even if I've upgraded stuff further for the last 15 minutes, the in-game achievement and the steam achievement for reaching 5 stars don't fire.

Save file attached Galacticare Debug Save 15. juni 2024

Steam version

Windows 10

Current game version as of 15 June 2024

Dominik Customer Support

Thank you for the additional information! That will help our team understand the problem better. 

I know it has been some time since the initial bug report was issued but our team is still investigating the issue.

I appreciate your patience.