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Thanks so much for an amazing game! I've loved playing it so far, and I wrote a long Steam review where I had included some ideas for future updates, so wanted to just put it down here as well! :) 

-Allow an option to create blueprints/templates of other items besides just the rooms. For example, I always like taking time to set up my "reception desk area", and it'd be nice if I could essentially click and drag to highlight the pieces I want to include and save it as it's own template so it's easier to copy and paste in future levels or other parts of the map.

-Be able to use items on the doctors from the staff page itself, rather than having to find the specific doctor, go back into inventory, select the item and then use it on them. When the hospital gets super busy and is full of people, it's a bit more annoying to try and find the specific doc that I'm wanting to use it on.

-Have a toggle or ability to display a grid on the floor when placing items - I personally am very much into making sure that items are symmetrical and perfectly lined up; having a grid or ability to snap to a grid would help immensely. In that same vein, being able to take a room template and having the option to mirror image it would be really cool as well.

-Some ideas to help add difficulty settings or variations in the future: having some sort of diminishing return with decor items which encourages someone to switch up the items they're using, rather than pasting the same poster in each room; having larger bonuses tied with bigger items (I couldn't tell if this is already something that is being calculated), having similarly grouped items having a set effect. Possibly including some sort of separate goal or mission, like "don't have any patients die", or "keep total treatment time under _____ min for _____ patients",etc.

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Hey Jinny! Thanks for your detailed suggestions about possible future updates! We appreciate your feedback and will keep it in mind for future updates! Do not hesitate to add more feedback if you have any other awesome ideas!