Soft Lock after chapter one

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  • Fixed - Upcoming Patch

After completing chapter one on PS5 and selecting to stay there is a pop up a few minutes later that gives info on sandbox events. The cursor immediately jumps off the continue button and there is no way to get it back on, pressing every direction on the D-pad just causes the cursor to jump around to random locations on the pop up but never to the continue button. The only way to get out of this is to force close the game. You can re-load the game and load your save to move on to chapter 2 but there is no way to go back and get 5 stars on chapter one.

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Hey Jason! I am sorry to hear you have encountered a soft lock while playing. I will forward this problem to our developers for investigation and I will appreciate your patience while this is being looked into.



Scott Richmond Programmer & Producer
  • Fixed - Upcoming Patch