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Game crashes when enemies enter dongeon, also in multiplayer

Korrenn 6 years ago updated by Lee "Noontide" Moon (Designer & Community Manager) 6 years ago 8

I cant complete the tutorial, it freezes when the enemies come into the dungeon. I also don't get very far in the heart of gold expansion, and multiplayer also freezes on me. I've tried not using usb headphones, and tried lowering the visual display in settings.

I am using windows 10, 64 bit, I have 8 gb of ram.

my processor is an AMD A4-6300 APU with Radeon HD

and my graphics are 3.70 GHz

thank you,

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Hello Korren

can you please describe your hardware in bigger detail?

i would need to Know the actual type of your GPU.

also are you playing on a laptop?

It is a desk top, and it is a
AMD Radeon HD 8370D

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Hello Korrenn,
can you please read the guidelines "How to: Submit a Bug Ticket" here:
Please reproduce the problem and then grab your output_log.txt and crash log (if any) and upload them to this thread using the paperclip button to "Insert File".
This might give us pointers what was going wrong on your end.



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