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Vampire Sleeping Visual Glitch

Azeo 6 years ago updated by anonymous 5 years ago 7

Been like this for awhile now, they're not in the coffin and instead thrown back behind the top of it, sometimes this makes the vampire sleep in the wall. Here is a screenshot with a clear vampire sleeping down the bottom right. Also above it on the top right; where the hand of evil is, highlighting another sleeping vampire, except he is in the wall.

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thanks for myour report ! :)

He is not supposed to sleep.
But we recently added a mechanics which makes units always sleep if they have a bed and are very damaged to recover.
This forced the Vampire to sleep even if he shouldn't.
In contrast to other units having a bed, he will now not sleep again when damaged avoiding this problem.

This is still happening. When KO'd, vampires spend a while lying on the floor unconscious, then teleport back to their coffins and sleep on the floor until their health and sleep needs are refilled.

Also, vampires placed in God Mode appear to have a sleep need like any other minion, but I'm not concerned about that because God Mode isn't guaranteed to be bug-free.

If a Vampire is KO'd then it sleeps until it is back at full health. It should never go to bed unless that is the case

Unfortunately we wont be fixing minor issue like that in god mode