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​Vampires need some tweaking

Schalk Engelbrecht 7 years ago updated by Stefan Furcht (Programmer) 7 years ago 5

They seem to constantly use that leap attack even when they're nowhere near any enemies. Sometimes even when I have 30+ people imprisoned I get the message they don't have food. I go look at the prison - vampire is constantly leaping against the bars when trying to grab a prisoner to feed. They also feed to frequently so unless you're on a map with lots of spawning enemies you can't use them. Maybe that's intentional because they're so strong?

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Hello Schalk Engelbrecht.

this is not a bug if you have suggestions for our game please open a topic here:


Vampires can't feed. They get angry and spend all their time in the prison because instead of leaping into the prison to grab a hero they constantly jump up against the prison bars. The best work around I've found is to lock the prison and then to keep dropping them into the prison until they finally get it rght. Seems like a game mechanic that's not working like it should to me. Please just ask the devs to have a look at it.

The behaviour you're describing sounds like a lag issue, I use vampires quite a lot and the only time i've ever had issues with them "blinking" into the Prison to feed is when the game is lagging.

As Riva said though, this still isn't a bug and if you'd like to give feedback about the Vampire's mechanics you should do so on the suggestions forum.


FIxed with the new patch. Great work :)

Completed - Resolved

Nice to hear Schalk :)
Have fun with the new Patch!