Cannot get rid of Behemoth (possibly other summons too)

Old Cat 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 10

Summoned Behemoth in the last campaign mission. After some time decided to switch to another summon, but I cannot dismiss it. I can slap the Behemoth as much as I want, and it simply ignores it and continues to train beasts.

Game Version:
Steam Public

Can't replicate. Bear in mind that you have to slap the Titans in VERY quick succession in order to dismiss them.

I'm smashing right mouse button as fast as I can, 3-4 slaps per second. I can kill the Behemoth with my slaps, but not dismiss.

Ahem..."killing" the behemoth counts as "dismissal" in this case. It's intended to be this way.

I don't think you understand what I'm talking about. I can slap it continuously for 1-2 minutes, fast enough to not allow it to regenerate, and thus kill it. It definitely should not be working like that.

Okay, that is indeed not intended. Problem is, quickly slapping the titans three times in a row instakills/"dismisses" them for me.

Which OS are you using? (Win 7/10?)

Win7. I would uploaded log, but I got rid of that undismissable titan already, and the next one is working fine.


really odd issue, if the issue resolved itself we will have trouble finding it. did you save and load your game while the first titan existed per chance?

No, no saves. I will test it more, but not with home realm broken as it is atm.

The slaps must be performed in a quite fast sequence and always hit only the titan to make sure it is not done accidentally.

I figured as much. After 3 slaps didn't worked, I attacked it continuously with 3-4 slaps per second, and no other creatures were involved. I have a theory that it was too busy with training beasts at arena to be dismissed.