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After reset campagin, home realm exhibts strange behaviour

Kashi Commodore 7 years ago updated by Stefan Furcht (Programmer) 7 years ago 4

  • OS : Windows 7 x64 SP1
  • AMD FX-8320e (Eight core) 4.00 Ghz, 16GB RAM
  • AMD Radeon 7850 GPU 2GB GDDR
  • Patch 1.4.0f10

After the patch was downloaded, I reset my campaign. After completing Level 1 of the normal campaign (not HoG), the home realm has the fog of war over the top of the gold/spawn stones. (similar to another reported bug?)

Also, no mentor speech/taunts are played. this continues into level 2 (as in, returning to home realm after completing Lord Rosimoff mission.)

Have verified game files in stream and reset campaign a second time, no change.

Have not tried reinstalling game.


Game Version:
Steam Public

It appears the ownership of the tiles has been accidentally changed to "Neutral" as part of the recent hotfix f10.

Under Review

We are working on a fix.

Completed - Resolved

The issue has been fixed and an hotfix is coming soon.