Last mission of regular campaign bug

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So the last mission of the regular campaign the matriarchs and king are meant to send waves of units at you, however despite a warning saying the matriarchs will send an army to attack you from west side in 10 minutes, they do not come.
Even before this every time the king says he is sending an army to attack, they get stuck at the front door of his base, which then they begin to stack armies each time he sends another army to attack. Thus causing multiple waves of armies to be built up and then attacking, i only got attacked once after 2 waves being stacked, but after defending that he went on about sending more waves, which the AI did this for about 30-40minutes. Not a single unit went through, they just sat behind the door walking aimlessly into it. I could only see 6 dwarfs (after 3ish waves) that were meant to used to dig the dirt (i assume), these also were stuck behind the main gate.

Another bug is that workers would be idle and stuck after building a spirit well and bone chiller. They would kinda moonwalk REALLY slowly in place and be considered idle. Only when i picked them up and moved them to a different area i.e the gold shrine would they begin to work again. That is until they walked into this particular section with the spirit well and bone chiller, then they begin to become idle again. Spirit works aren't affected, but if you have like 11 of the 15 workers idle for no reason then its annoying to pull them out. No impass was placed and there were jobs to be done.

I'll attempt the level again and see if this happens again and see if i can screen shot this. (both incidents)

If needed here is the output log;

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Old Cat

Same here, no attacks from matriarchs in the last mission.


I think I actually wrote an internal bug ticket for the door bug a while ago.

Jan - Eric Merzel
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he did. this is exported already internally


any word on the imp bug though?

Midnight Tea

I wanted to say I had a similar bug as this on the last campaign mission. My minions are actually frozen in place, standing in place while their needs drop dramatically until they rebel. Likewise, the emperor didn't send any waves to attack me until literally an hour in, when I got flooded by a huge number of level 10 units.


I also have this exact problem and cannot complete the level. Have we had any word on a fix yet?

Stefan Furcht
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This issue was fixed meanwhile due to an internal bug ticket and will be fixed with Patch v1.4.2.

Lee "Noontide" Moon
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