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Witch Doctor Bug

D@rkness 7 years ago updated by [Dev] Nanorock (Programmer) 7 years ago 15

Hi I found a bug with the Witch Doctor. At first the witch doctor functions correctly enhancing creatures in the spirit chamber and going forth and eating and collecting wadges. After about 20-30 min of game play the witch doctor stops functioning correctly. It keeps on casting a green spell of some sort and stops enhancing creatures in the spirit chamber, stops collecting wadges and stops eating and sleeping. In return they always get angry but wont even leave because of the spell the are continuously casting.

Using windows 10 64bit

I7 3610qm Cpu 2.3GHz

16gb ram

Geforce GTX 670m 3gb.

Game Version:
Steam Public
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Here is a screenshot of the problem. witch doctor bug

I have noticed this issue happening regularly. It seems to occur when either you're attempting to enhance the experience of a friendly mob who doesn't yet have a bed (for example, someone just arrived through a portal or just converted in the torture chamber), or when the witch doctor cannot reach food (even when stood next to an inn...). Often the issue can be resolved simply by casting Summon Piglets - in which case the witch doctor eats and then returns to work.

Completed - Resolved

this will be fixed in the upcoming 1.4

ive got some more info on this one.. it seems witchdocters also cast heal on glacial doors

I've encountered this bug post 1.4.

In game-time <20minutes when I upgrade the first creature, with the first witchdoctor, it works. After ~30minutes however it just stops functioning.

Notice an idle witchdoctor while 4 low-mid lvl witch doctors are waiting to get some xp.

save: locked in_20160531203001

meta: locked in_20160531203001.meta

Note how the level 10 witch doctor just doesn't gaf :)

However not long after a newly spawned level 1 WD joined the group and started imbueing. Perhaps something to do with WD tasks not being issues/saved if they are otherwise occupied, ie researching, training..other?

above = version 1.4.017

Continuing the game, it seems my lvl <10 WDs keep imbueing, however the level 10's just.. don't bother :(


Thanks for the report. We're seeing some error logs come in around this room. We'll take a look!

Nano this looks again like out og combat abilities preventing his normal need activities

we have multiple reports like this by now concerning the succubus and the cultist as well this may be a general issue. A user pointed out that this may be due to a failed payday need. (eg. the units go to the vault but never pick up their pay) im investigating this still but it may be worthwhile to look into

The payday issue have been fixed and we now limit out of combat abilities (like heal) only when they are not actively doing an activity = ) So it should be fixed on the next public patch = ) Cheers !