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Gild unable to cast on hero specials +other query

Azeo 6 years ago updated by Stefan Furcht (Programmer) 6 years ago 10

Unable to cast Gild on any named special hero ie: Hand of Kira, Lord O'Theland, Chippy and my newly aquired Rousslmoff. It warns me of insufficient mana whilst using below 500 mana, says nothing when above 500. Tooltip doesn't have any indication of mana costs. Works on all other minions; including heroes.

EDIT: I've added this query here; so to not have too many threads.

I foolishly added a rift here out of curiosity however my imps only randomly get to these islands and haven't built it as of yet, also I doubt the demons can even travel across the chasm to do my bidding. The issue I face is I'm unable to sell or cancel the rift, forever locking 75 mana. I loaded an old save so its not hindering me, though it may still be an unintended feature. EDIT#2: Gave it some thought and did the same thing and used construction ritual and was able to sell it; only once it was completed.

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Please report the tickets seperately in the future as we can only ticket the wholly.

i replicated both issues.

@Coders please use this ticket only for the first issue i will raise a seperate internal one for the volcanic bridge issue

Okay I shall from now on, I appreciate the the info, thanks.

Josh Bishop these guys don't have a gold need and thus Gild can not apply to them.
What do you think about this ticket?

Stefan Furcht what problems could arise from giving them a gold need?

@Josh they will want to get payed on payday, however if they are part of the Empire faction they would not complain until converted, then they will get unhappy if not payed.

Ok - That's fine then - Let's just give them a gold need then.

Sorry we forgot to fix the construct sell issue.
We will take a look now, but for the future if you encounter multiple different issues, create different bug reports for them so we can handle them separately and can so ideally manage one internal ticket with one bug report.

Alright we fixed it.
Now constructs placed on volcanic bridges can be sold properly.