Random freezes during gameplay

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I keep getting random freezes during my play time, normally on bigger maps and missions that go on for more then 10 mins. It's like the game freezes for 3 seconds then continues and it gets worse the longer i play

Windows 10
GeForce GTX760
Core I5 3.2ghz processor
32gb ram
Game is installed on SSD drive (100gb free)


Game Version:
Steam Public
Scott Richmond Programmer & Producer
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Thanks for the report. We'll be looking into freeze issues shortly.

Stefan Furcht Programmer

The log contains an exception reoccurring quite often, so it could well be the culprit of the lag.
It was just a simple debug log in exit method of Vampires blood drinking behaviour,
which was accessing the destroyed unit when it was killed after sucking blood from it.
This made it failing in a loop causing a spam of exceptions, which slowed down the game.
However there is no reason to have this debug log at all and I removed it, which hopefully fixes this lag issue.

Unfortionately it is too late to get this fix into the newest hotfix update 1.4.f10,
so it will take another update before it will be (hopefully) resolved.

Please let us know if the issue is solved for you after 1.4.f11 is out.


Stefan Furcht Programmer
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Stefan Furcht Programmer
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