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Level 1 HoG Xpac Possible Bug

Zetskey 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 11

Okay I dont know if it's SUPPOSED to do this but i punched a door and all hell broke loose.

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I also crashed because it was non stop flooding of creatures on to my screen.


Holy crapola! That's a lot of units! :O

Are you by chance able to upload a log of this session and maybe a save file of the level in that state?

That's like half of 'em...I don't think the ai liked me very much.

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we had this issue before internally and thought it fixed. seemingly it is not

can you please provide a output log from that session? (only if you did not restart the game in the mean time)

or a saved game if you can provide one?

Well no sorry :(. If I had known I could have done that I wouldn't have saved over it. I try not to have a lot of saves.

I will say iirc the actions leading up to that bug were me saving at the exact time he did his spawn of the infinite minion wave. The 2nd time he comes back to life. It was that or alt tabbing out right when he spawned. Those are the only two actions I did at around that time.

I can't replicate, but I added some safe checks that should help = ) If it happens again, a log file would help a lot (and a save file even more ^^)

Alright, I'll play through it again a few times see if it re-occurs.