Impossible to start building rooms at an invalid for the room's tile location

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In DKII you could start building a room from any tile, be it an enemy owner territory, water, earth or dirt path, all such tiles would be ignored in the end just like when building over a bunch of tiles with say, impenetrable rocks inside. In WftO you can only start building from tiles valid for the selected room, affecting:

  • Creation of bridges, as you can only build them from your territory. Over the course of years I developed a habit of creating the straight ones from the location I want to connect to, and it's kinda hard to accommodate for me here.
  • Building partly completed rooms so they could start function sooner when there is a bunch of unclaimed tiles, greatly restricting your building process.
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Stefan Furcht

This is a different game with own mechanics and we do not support to build bridges just where you have view.
It is always required to connect them to your claimed land.
Other than that you should be able to drag rooms form an invalid location towards a valid location.
The issue with partially completed rooms I might not fully understand, but as far as I do it was in no dungeon management game from the past possible to drag rooms over unclaimed tiles so that the room is placed after claimed.
If this is what you mean, then it's a feature request/suggestion and not a bug.
Please raise suggestions here:

Jan - Eric Merzel
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