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Campaign mission 9

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Got stuck on mission 9. Cleared everything, killed all enemies, claimed everything that could be claimed but the victory trigger never fired.

Here is my thread on steam: http://steamcommunity.com/app/230190/discussions/0/357287304425715824/?tscn=1464529222

Not sure if it helps or not but on my first attempt I was assaulting the outpost and clashed with one of the waves. Both I and the enemies retreated for a good while before I again assaulted the outpost. Maybe it is possible that because I pushed back some of the units that a subsequent wave did not spawn?

Note: I might be wrong and those units were just native to the outpost anyway.

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The fact that you actually can claim the portal to the east is a developer oversight - it is meant to be indestructable and unclaimable by your forces. That being said, the sapper dwarves should only spawn between the actual waves, yet from my understanding, they still were spawned after all three attack waves had been repelled - is that correct?

I'll clarify one thing. I have no idea how many waves are supposed to spawn. It seriously felt like it wasn't going to stop and so I took the battle to the enemy and off of my walls. The Empires monsters were level 5 initially and level 6 by the time I invaded them. So perhaps I captured the gateway when they were still supposed to be spawning and inadvertently made it impossible to win.

Still this identified two issues. 1st being I shouldn't have been allowed to capture that gateway and 2nd being the continuous spawn of 2 dwarves on my newly captured gateway.

Seriously, hundreds of dead dwarf bodies. Although, it was an enlightening experience because I never realized the workers wouldn't take the dead bodies of Heroes to the crypt until after this event. My crypts will now be much smaller in the future because of this realization. I mean, if all they do is drag dead minions back to the crypt and if I'm unwilling to let my pets die... no purpose for me having the room beyond getting a necromancer right?

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this is indeed an odd issue, but by now you are the second person to have that.

since you will most likely have restarted your game in between your output log will not show the issue anymore. (if you actually did not restart the game, feel free to update it though.)

i still need some more informations on what happened before this issue happened:

- how many levels did you play in this session prior to level 9

- did you use save and load in or prior to level 9

Unfortunately, I just restarted the level about 2 hours ago, but I did keep a saved file.

I am playing on my laptop and I previously only played one multiplayer match on this same laptop and no campaign missions. In this session I started the campaign with level 9 and this was my first ever play through of it. Prior to the issue happening I probably saved the game once but it was overwritten with a more recent save of the same game.

I didn't have any issues the second time I played the map and I feel like I virtually did everything the same. This time though the game actually ended.

Having the same problem.

Session started at the start of level 7.

Don't remember if i used a load or not on level 7. I think i might have.

Took care of multiple waves, did not count how many. Only when the waves stopped did i advance to take the last guard post near the Empire gateway. Continued to push to the gateway, but it kept spawning the dwarves. Was also able to claim it in the end. Tried unclaiming it before reclaiming it, but the dwarves kept spawning.

I have not restarted the map, but i have loaded/restarted the game, so idk how much value this log file has. I do have a save game where these dwarfs spawns to infinity somewhere though, with everything else being finished.


hello we raised an internal report, i will link your save game to that report, thanks for your help its appreciated


are you absolutely sure its campaign level 7 not 9 ?

this report is about belmornes path (level 9) not Heart Attack (level 7) we need to make sure to distinguish the issue here.

we have already exported the issue with c9 and are working on a fix, i will probably end up merging both topics.

thanks for your input

I can only assume you are replying to my post.

The problem occurred at level 9, but my session for the day started at level 7. You seemed to be interested in at what level my session started, hence why i mentioned it.

yes it was an answer to you, sorry for being unclear.

thanks that may give a pointer to the issue at hand. i was worried for a second that c7 has issues as well, thanks for the clarification

Slightly similar situation now on Heart of Gold level 3. Destroyed one of the Hero Gateways and it still constantly spawns 1 dwarf.

I too have this problem.

I had saved mid-game, quit, then reloaded.

Interestingly, all the waves had finished so I broke through to the east. I made sure nothing got past, but, randomly, the counter increased from 0 to 2/10 as my minions were crossing the large bridge. I reloaded as I assumed I'd let something past, but it happened again. Exactly the same.

After getting all the way across to the right and clearing everything, the counter then jumped again, to 4/10!

Hope that helps.


Completed - Resolved

We made a change to this level in Patch 1.4.1 Please let me know if you have any further issues.