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spirits are completely recyclable, very exploitable bug

Gerrit8500 7 years ago updated by Lee "Noontide" Moon (Designer & Community Manager) 6 years ago 17

While playing the new 'Heart of gold campaign', I noticed that I could reuse spirits in the spirit chamber indefinitely: so basically in ever level I had 1-2 high leveled spirits and I could make my whole army level 10 in a matter of minutes. I would drop the spirit on the the unit standing on the pedestal and it would give the usual effect: leveling up the unit and if it reaches 10 it goes off the pedestal. But the spirit would not disappear and instead just stayed next to the pedestal. I could repeat this as much as I wanted.

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can you specify which level you played exactly please?

otherwise we have found this bug on internal already

All the levels but the first one in the new campaign (Heart of Gold).

And the first one it did no happen only because I didn't use spirits that level.

thanks for your information, as said the issue is known and will most likely be fixed on Monday.

thanks for your report

So I have until monday to exploit the bug? Better hurry then ;)

It's my pleasure by the way, it was a very good update, keep up the good work!

I'm playing that mission where you have to protect another underlord from dwarves, where they give you beast masters for the first time. I made two spirits in the torture chamber to scout the area, and after some I noticed that they are still there. Before the patch they had a limited life time, but now they exist infinitely. I suppose it's a part of this bug too.

That is supposed to be the case. They remove the damage over time for spirits and made them go through doors now. So that part is not a bug.

It's not a bug, it was intentionally changed to make them more useful (at least that's how I perceived it) as before they did not last long and didn't contribute much during their original lifespan.

Btw how can I get rid of spirits if they are immortal and invisible? I mean levels where you can't convert them to exp. Can't even drop them to portal.

You should be able to drop them in a portal as far as I know

No, it's not true. I created a new bug report for this.

I've got the same bug in Level 13.

Not sure if the recyclable spirits are supposed to be fixed by now, but it seems that it is not. Also, it did add more levels than it should. I had a level 6 spirit buffing all creatures to level 10, regardless of level. The spirit did disappear eventually. This was done on a custom map. output_log.txt

Bug is not set as fixed yet so I assume it's not fixed yet.