UI is not clickable on macOS Sonoma / MBP M1

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Sonoma 14.3

64bit / 8 GB / M1

Build V2.1.0f5

Interface cannot be interacted with: buttons do not react to mouse clicks and game doesn't responds to keyboard input at all.

Permission to monitor input on mac is granted in system settings.

I've tried to run game in windowed mode, problem persists, but I was able to click some buttons twice after changing focus from game window to desktop and back.

Reinstalling didn't helped.

Game Version:
Steam Public
Bold Kiwi

I'm on Sonoma 14.1.2 and on an Intel mac and it's mostly fine. The UI's rendering is kind of broken, though. Often the elements are not shown and only appear once I reopened that menu. Using an older version of WFTO (v2.0.6f1) works more consistently for me. I do have a probably unrelated eGPU issue though.