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Healing in sleep

Old Cat 7 years ago updated by Stefan Furcht (Programmer) 7 years ago 8

I'm not sure if it started after the last patch or I just never noticed it before.

When your priestesses see a creature with not full health, they heal it immediately. That's a cool concept, but the thing is, they do even when they sleep. They kinda continue sleeping, but at the same time stand up and cast the healing ability, and then lie down again. That looks very weird :)

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that looks indeed a bit odd, at least its helpful though :)

i will send it through, thanks for your report

Cultists do the same thing, but their resting pose, when they are kneeling and praying, suits healing much more.

Definitely don't want this happening

It is because "Out of Combat Abilities" behaviour has always priority over "Need Satisfaction" behavior,
so if they can heal anyone no matter which need they satisfy right now they will interrupt it to heal allies.
However this can look odd under some circumstances, like when sleeping.
@Josh I am going to make "Out of Combat Abilities" fail when a unit is right now in its bed or right now working on a triggered job (eg. brewing a potion or channeling a ritual) or when the unit was recently drop-assigned to work on something, so that the "Need Satisfaction" behavior can complete its current thing before applying any Out-Combat-Abilties.
You're fine with this fix?

Alright I got this solution confirmed. Will take a look.

Applied the solution mentioned, so the issue will be fixed in next hotfix.