Tavern broken after loading a saved game

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WFTO v1.3.1f5

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Start the sandbox map 'Hollow'
  2. Build a slaughterpen and a tavern
  3. Get some minions
  4. Save the game and reload
  5. Meals are not delivered to tavern's tables even with oven full
  6. Workers try to deliver micropiglets to the full oven unsuccessfully which keeps them occupied

After some time all tables are empty despite full oven. There are also micropiglets around the oven as a result of failed delivery attempts:

Image 21

Game Version:
Steam Public
Andrew "Nutter" Jaggar
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Looks like another saving/loading issue, thanks for the report :)

Stefan Furcht

I can not reproduce. For me a tavern placed on Hollow works correctly after save and load.

What I did:

  • I build a 3x7 tavern and a 3x3 slaughterpen next to it
  • I saved the game and loaded it.
  • The cannon is stocked by workers and fires meals correctly on the tables

Anything I missed?

Internal Team
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I tried to reproduce it again and made few more observations. Tavern does not always break completely - it seems it is related to cannon's meat filling level which may not be saved properly:

  • Sometimes after load meat filling level is different as it was when saved
  • Sometimes it resets to 10% when next micropiglet is delivered (50% before save, 50% after reload, 10% after delivery)
  • Workers are not able to fill the cannon to 100% after reload
  • If it was 100% full before save, cannon does not produce any more meals
  • It can be fixed by manually restocking the cannon
Stefan Furcht

Thanks a lot for those hints! :)
Will reinvestigate tomorrow

Stefan Furcht

There was indeed an issue with serialization of the spit roasts filling level.
The value was cached in a separate variable which was not saved.
While the real value was correctly stored after a reload it was using the then invalid cached value.

We have fixed this problem now internally and it will be patched with next update.

Thanks again for reporting the issue and the useful hints to narrow the problem down!

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